What The Women’s World Cup Qualification Means For Bangladesh

Cricket News By TODAYLIVESCORE.INFO - What the Women's World Cup qualification means for Bangladesh. Bangladesh qualified for the World Cup after the Omicron variant forced the cancellation of the Qualifiers in Harare.

What The Women’s World Cup Qualification Means For BangladeshBangladesh qualified for the World Cup after the Omicron variant forced the cancellation of the Qualifiers in Harare.

It's a new dawn for the women cricketers of Bangladesh. Having failed to earn a World Cup spot in their previous attempts, they have finally qualified for the 2022 edition in New Zealand.

The team will be under the leadership of Nigar Sultana, who was appointed captain ahead of the Qualifiers in Zimbabwe and was picked to lead ahead of the trio of Salma Khatun, Jahanara Alam and Rumana Ahmed, all of whom are three former national skippers and in many ways the torchbearers of women's cricket in the country.

How the three senior cricketers support Sultana could go a long in shaping the campaign for Bangladesh. But for now, the focus is on just how big a moment this qualification is.

Imtiaz Hossain, coach of Khulna Division which produces majority of women cricketers, told Cricbuzz that it was do-or-die for some of the squad members.

”It was hard for them to take up cricket when they started but they were brave enough to chase their dreams and decided to take it as a career option,” said Imtiaz. ”I first heard the news (qualifying for the ICC World Cup) from Salma as she gave me the news over phone and I can't explain how happy I was considering I worked with most of the girls in this team.

”Playing in this World Cup was very important for some of them considering if Bangladesh failed to earn a berth in the World Cup this time around, many would have left cricket as rthe next edition will be staged in 2026 and the careers of the some of the cricketers would not last that long.”

Nigar Sultana is set to lead Bangladesh in the World Cup

Salma, who earlier told Cricbuzz that it would be her biggest regret if she cannot play a World Cup, seemed over the moon after the stars aligned for her and her team.

”I cannot express in words about my feeling and I am happy that eventually we could fulfil our dream,” said Salma.

Rumana said that the qualification, although having come in different circumstances, was a by-product of their hard dedication. ”I think we really worked hard to make that we play in one World Cup and eventually we are rewarded for our effort that we had put behind it,” she said.

Jahanara, the third of the trio, opens up on what awaits her on the other side of the World Cup. ”I will think of marriage only after playing in a World Cup,” said the pacer. Her words go a long way in explaining how we as a society are obsessed with asking our girls one curious question: when are you getting married?

While the magnificent trio has to take the responsibility of carrying the major weight of the team during the campaign, the BCB needs to make sure they are provided with the right infrastructure and ideal preparation.

Nazmul Abedin, who worked with the women cricketers during his tenure, feels it is the right time for the board to take up necessary initiatives to make sure they are well prepared to face international opponents on regular intervals, considering from now onward the women cricketers will have more international opportunities as part of ICC's Future Tour Program.

”It's a big stage with big responsibility. And the responsibility is not only of the cricketers but also of the cricket board. Bangladesh is now also part of the future tour program after getting berth in the World Cup. That means the girls will now play cricket at higher level,” said Abedin.

”This will definitely improve our game but at the same time they will also need overall infrastructure development because we have to give them sufficient facilities to win against big teams. Maybe this will change the face of women's cricket in the next two to three years,” he said. ”The seniors will have a big responsibility of guiding the team like the way they did and I am sure they won't disappoint us,” he concluded.

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